Scotiabank Youth Awards

Want to make a difference? You can!

If you enjoy building your future and enriching the lives of others along the way, you’re a great candidate to be recognized as a Scotiabank Youth Awards winner.

Each year we’ll recognize up to 12 youth volunteers from around the world. Each winner will get:

  • $2,500 CDN donation to their chosen charity/charities
  • A tablet computer

We created these awards to spotlight the work you’re already doing and to encourage the learning that comes from giving back to your community.

Congratulations to the 2018 Award winners!


  • Hargun Kaur, Ontario
  • Sierra Spence, Ontario
  • Stephanie Quon, British Columbia
  • Rolande Taylor, British Columbia
  • Naira Bahrami, Alberta
  • Nabila Bahrami, Alberta


  • Nallely Sarahi Garcia Reyna, Mexico
  • José Luis Santiago Garduño, Mexico
  • Jorge de Jesus Guillén Gómez, Mexico
  • Marisol López, Mexico
  • Leilani Enid López Ramírez, Mexico
  • Alvaro German Perdomo Leiva, Colombia